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Getting out and about for wheelchair users can be complicated. It’s either a wait at a chilly bus stop, a high-priced taxi fare, or an uncomfortable transfer into a standard car seat. Many people choose to stay at home rather than face the challenges and discomforts of travelling. However, that could all change if you were to purchase an wheelchair adapted car in the West Midlands.

With one of these specially converted vehicles you can travel in comfort and style. You don’t need to move out of your wheelchair to get in or out of the vehicle, and you can remain safely seated throughout the journey. Most of the available wheelchair adapted cars in the West Midlands will have manually deployed ramps, which fold down from a rear door, for access. Inside, the wheelchair is normally anchored down in the back of the vehicle. However, in some models, it can pass through into the front passenger seat position.

Wheelchair adapted cars in the West Midlands

Most of the wheelchair adapted cars in the West Midlands where the wheelchair remains in the rear will have lowered floors to increase the headroom. Especially if you are tall, be sure to go for a test drive to make sure that you have enough space. Also, see if you like travelling in the back. Some people find that their vision is restricted and that they feel a bit isolated. If you experience this, you should look for a conversion where you ride in the front.

Find a vehicle to suit your needs

Our website offers details of vendors of new and used wheelchair adapted cars in the West Midlands. Also, private sellers where you can sometimes pick up a really good deal. If you are unable to find a vehicle to suit your needs you might want to contact one of our approved conversion specialists to create a custom job for you. So, check out what they have to offer and make a purchase that could open up new horizons for you.

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