Wheelchair Access Vehicles

One of the most popular makes of WAV is the Renault Kangoo, which was first manufactured in 1999. The high back estate featuring a large door at the back was easy for Renault to convert it into a wheelchair accessible vehicle. With a choice of manual or automatic transmission, good range of engine sizes and fuelled by either diesel or petrol this vehicle became a favourite.

The Renault Kangoo Authentique comes with a variety of engine sizes including 1.5 litre diesel models and 1.6 litre petrol ones. Don’t expect a sporty vehicle but the Renault Kangoo Authentique has a great interior space with a wider wheelchair ramp than most other WAVs and more headroom at the rear of the vehicle that allows the wheelchair user to remain seated in their wheelchair in the back without having to transfer to an ordinary seat.

Modern attractive appearance

The Renault Kangoo, despite the big amount of interior space, does not have the appearance of a van and has lots of style. The Authentique has a modern attractive appearance, which has made it a very popular choice as a disability vehicle and for anyone looking to buy a WAV this vehicle is one of the best of its kind on the market with a mixture of comfort, practical features and style.

Standard feature together with sat nav

The Authentique comes with power assisted steering and electric windows fitted as a standard feature together with sat nav, anti-lock brakes, air conditioning, driver and passenger airbags and rear parking sensors.  It has plenty of headroom and storage space so that no one will feel cramped.

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For any one looking to buy a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle the Renault Kangoo Authentique must be one of the most popular, best buys on the market.

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